The Ultimate Marriage Experience

MAY 22 - 27, 2024

The Ultimate Marriage Experience

2025 Location TBD
Target Dates: Between April 1 - May 15

Sparks of Eden

Sparks of Eden is a unique Marriage Experience where romance, education and practical application unite.

Couples are surrounded by an environment of healing and peace that allows them to learn skills that dramatically improve their marriage and relationship, but it does not stop there. During this experience couples are provided with much “couple’s time” to discuss, process and work through what they have learnt and how to implement it into their lives.

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Rabbi Natan & Meg Alexander

Rabbi Natan Alexander has been an educator, marriage counsellor and leadership trainer for over 20 years.

At the forefront of inspiring self-improvement along with peace and passion in relationships, Natan is an author and international speaker empowering individuals and couples with his dynamic teachings on a large range of topics from relationships, education, leadership, sexuality and much more. His lessons have a deep foundation in Torah and its teachings.

His wife Meg joins him in their Marriage Experience Sparks of Eden and is an intrinsic part of the successful experience for participants as individuals and a couple.


All Inclusive


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Ground transport from Panama international airport to Panama regional airport (PAC).

Flights from PAC to BOC Bocas del Toro.
Transport to Private Island.


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Experience ultimate comfort and relaxation with our upscale accommodations, featuring cozy suites designed to enhance your romantic getaway.

All Meals

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From sumptuous breakfasts to romantic dinners, our all-inclusive package ensures you savor each moment together with delectable cuisine.

Unlimited Drinks

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Whether you prefer a glass of wine, a refreshing cocktail, or a cozy cup of tea, our inclusive drink package keeps your thirst quenched.

Unique Island Experience

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Create lasting memories with enchanting romantic excursions, designed to deepen your connection as you explore picturesque settings and share unforgettable moments.

All Classes

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Explore topics like “Physical Intimacy”, “Communication Skills”, “Masculine and Feminine Needs” and more with our comprehensive class offerings, equipping you for a harmonious relationship.

All Activities

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Our extensive activity roster guarantees there’s something for every couple, whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or quality time together.

15% off Spa Treatments

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Pamper yourselves with rejuvenating spa treatments and enjoy an exclusive 15% discount, allowing you to unwind and rejuvenate in a tranquil spa environment.


Ultimate Privacy

Experience Sparks of Eden on your very own private island, ensuring an exclusive and intimate journey.

With no other outside guests the island will be ours as guests of Sparks of Eden, allowing for a truly personalized and distraction-free experience. Join us to nurture a deeper connection and transform your relationship in this serene and private setting.


Available Units


4 Tree House Villas

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9 Water Window Villas

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7 Private Pool Villas

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1 Tree House Villa

The stunning Elora Hardy IBUKU-designed treehouses will transport you to another world.


1 Overwater Pool Villa

The water window villas contain a glass floor inlay to view the marine life below.


Private Pool Villas

The private pool overwater villas have their own romantic private plunge pool.