Treehouse Villas

The stunning Elora Hardy IBUKU-designed treehouses will transport you to another world.

Built from locally harvested bamboo, as well as hardwoods harvested from the bottom of the Panama Canal, the whimsical, groundbreaking designs fuse Balinese and Panamanian aesthetics. And at a height of fifty feet above the ground, you get a sweeping view of the surrounding forest, mangroves, and ocean from above canopies. 

Villas available: 4

Cost $9,000

Treehouse Villa


Sparks of Eden is a unique Marriage Experience where romance, education, and practical application unite. Couples are surrounded by an environment of healing and peace that allows them to learn skills that dramatically improve their marriage and relationship, but it does not stop there. During this experience, couples are provided with much “couple’s time” to discuss, process, and work through what they have learned and implement it into their lives.

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